Literature Based Curriculum Reviews

As explained in my homeschool philosophy reviews, a literature based curriculum uses as much relevant literature to drive your children’s learning. Many of these books may be what Charlotte Mason would call Living Books. Other books used may not be literature but rather high quality full color reference type books. As far as possible biographies of the great minds, adventurers and heroes of the past are included in this type of curriculum. As Charlotte Mason says in Home Education: "In these early years...let them get the spirit of history into them by reading at least one old Chronicle written by a man who saw and knew what he wrote about and not get it at second hand."

The benefits of learning through literature are hundred fold. Here are a few reasons:

  • Reading together is a non confrontational way to learn
  • Books appeal to a wide spectrum of ages, this way you can teach more than one grade child
  • As you sit and read with your children about great people and events of this world you and your children will be inspired to magnanimity
  • There is no remnant of the “school-at-home” mindset as you do not lecture nor “teach” - just introduce your children to knowledge.

You can read more about the the benefits of reading aloud to your children

Sonlight Curriculum

We use Sonlight Curriculum in our home as a backbone to our studies. We find it offers the cream of the crop in literature based curriculum with outstanding reading books and is one of the most comprehensive programs for busy moms who want a generous curriculum focusing on God’s world and History!


Five in a Row

five in a row When our children were younger we had many adventure filled learning experiences using Five in a Row. Using picture story books in the younger ages we have delighted in many experiences as we discovered the world of books together.


Footprints on Our land

footprints on our land

After many years of using the above Sonlight I realised that what South African Homeschoolers needed was a literature based curriculum to study their wn country. After much research and prayer I co-authored a range of programs using a Charlotte Mason literature based approach to studying South Africa – it’s history, people, fauna and flora.


And as an active member on a few homeschooling forums I often hear talk of other literature based curriculum favorites. These are all newer programs on the homeschool market, but perhaps one will suit you....

Take a look...

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