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As a child I had many difficulties learning. Maybe in this age I would have been put onto Ritalin – who knows…I battled to read, couldn’t sit still, couldn’t remember things…oh, the list goes on! Yet I had a yearning to do something big with my life! I left school feeling like I had learnt to read and write (eventually) and have a great social time, but had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

The year after I left school, I met my husband-to-be, who taught me of Jesus and Jesus love for me. Three months later he proposed to me. My dad wisely told us to wait until I was 21 which was 3 years away. Our first child was born in 1994, a beautiful baby girl. It was at this point that I knew that I wanted to be the most important person in her life and my husband and I did all that we could to facilitate this. I left my career, we moved to a smaller home and we set out on this new parenting journey with much excitement and yes at times, fear that I would mess it all up.

When our oldest was two and our son had arrived into the world, all our friends were booking their children into pre-schools. I used to look at my children and dread the day when I would have to wave goodbye to them, so that they could spend their days in a playschool and the daily rut that I faced in my school career.

I wondered how I would continue to play a large part in their lives if they were away from me for 8 hours a day and then I would play taxi driver to sports and homework helper in the evenings. It was then that we heard a rumor about a family homeschooling – this was something very new in our country. We sought them out and have not looked back some 9 years down the line.

The road that we have walked in these years have undoubtedly been the most exhilarating and challenging, exciting and confusing path. But through this entire journey God has been faithful to lead us. He allowed me to teach and encourage other young moms; He has allowed me to touch people’s lives with the homeschooling message.

This homeschooling way is the tool He is using to turn parent’s hearts to their children and build healthy strong families to influence the world for Him. This is the message I love to bring to families – cooperate with God’s design for your family. Choose to rest in Him as He leads you on this path.

We have always enjoyed Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy and for the last 7 years and have given numerous talks on her principles. We also have a strong emphasis on a delight directed lifestyle but our backbone curriculum is Sonlight.

Shortly after our 4th child was born, I wrote a book to help South African homeschooling parents get started in homeschooling – called “A Living Education”. Soon thereafter I teamed up with a homeschooling friend to write the series of programs Footprints On Our Land which brought to South African homeschoolers a literature based, Charlotte Mason influenced program to study our beautiful country. I also created a organizational tool for homeschooling moms called the Ultimate Homeschooling Mom’s Planner.

This webpage is my latest project, further fulfilling God’s work in my life to encourage parents to bring their children home and to live their lives alongside their children as they love, train and yes, educate them for God’s glory. You can read about more about how this website came into being here.

I am so grateful that we “found” homeschooling, so that my children will never have to be labeled by teachers, waste years of their lives but rather get in touch with their delights and passions and stay intricately involved in their family’s life.

I hope the calling to homeschool your children will echo in your own heart as you read my information and articles.

I pray that you would learn to lean on the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all you do with your children – as you train them, love them and choose curriculum.
I pray that you keep the balance between God-husband-children so that you can continue to walk in confidence towards the goal.

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about me,
Blessings to you as homeschool your children,


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