Charlotte Mason Book Reviews

Discover the joy, freedom and grace of this philosophy in the following Charlotte Mason book reviews. Charlotte Mason was an 18th century educator who believed in children's innate ability to connect with great thinkers of the past. She used Living Books to stimulate their thinking and develop relationships with their subject matter.

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Original Homeschooling Series, Charlotte Mason
There are 6 books in the set:

  • Home Education

  • A Philosophy of Education

  • School Education

  • Ourselves

  • Parents and Children

  • Formation of Character
  • These books, originally published in 1925, are a treasure trove for any home but in particular a home looking for a way incorporate living books into their homeschool as a means to connect their children with great thinkers, ideas and topics. The books show in extreme detail how to prevent false and outlandish learning situations as well as how to ensure that children take ownership for their own educations. You will also see how to not teach but rather to mentor your children. Charlotte Masons writings shows how to introduce your children to topics and then step aside so they can learn. You will read how to train your children consistently using the power of habit in their personal, spiritual and educational selves from a grace based perspective. Here are some quotes to whet your appetite.

    The following book that is reviewed for you in my Charlotte Mason Book Reviews is the "grandmommy" of all secondary books written about the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education. It should not be missed!

    Charlotte Mason Companion - Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning, Karen Andreola
    Next to the Original Homeschooling Series by Charlotte Mason there can be no other book on this philosophy that ranks so highly in my thinking. A large beautifully illustrated book when Karen shares for her lifetime experience following the Charlotte Mason Philosophy with her own children and herself.

    The richness in this book is found in her gentle conversational manner in which she leads you step by step into a gentle way to direct your child’s learning. It is 384 pages of feasting for the searching mother.

    Charlotte Mason Study Guide, Penny Gardner
    If the thought of wading through the entire 6 volume set is too much for you, then here is your answer. Penny has taken the best of the best quotes form all six books and condensed it into topics for the mom who wants the snippets and some ideas to ponder around the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

    A Charlotte Mason Education by Catherine Levison is another book that the beginner Charlotte Mason fan should read. Catherine gives a broad overview of the philosophy as well as giving you lots of "how-to's" allowing you to begin implementing some of the methods associated with Charlotte Mason.

    More Charlotte Mason Education is a follow on book from the one above. Here Catherine Levison digs deeper into subjects like short lessons, planning, book of centruies and highschool as well as an extensive chapter on frequently asked questions. It's a must for those who have read her first book.

    A Literary Education In this book, Catherine shares her favorite resources for many areas of homeschooling, including math, poetry, art, science, literature and more. Through detailed descriptions and age-appropriate suggestions, homeschoolers have an abundance of recommended resources to compliment their homeschools.

    Catherine Levison Audio Tapes which cover her workshops on whether to schedule or not, language arts, history and science.

    Wilddays, Karen Skidmore Rackliffe
    Karen homeschools her 8 children and sometimes just needs to head for big wide open spaces. This book was born out of that need. She packs their nature study bags and heads out. She shows you in this little gem of a book how to integrate nature study a la Charlotte Mason into every subject as well as giving pointers on the actual process of studying nature. Really a lovely book.

    “Where in our planners do we fit the nourishing expansive delights if writing down our thoughts about life, watching a spider build its web, praying or looking into the eyes of a child to find who lives there?” Karen Skidmore Rackliffe

    Pocketful of Pinecones, Karen Andreola
    As with all of Karen’s books, this is written in such a gentle way that it’s like a breath of fresh air to a mom. Written in novel form, the book tells the story of a young family beginning their homeschooling adventure. The mom follows a Charlotte Mason methodology in her teaching and has a strong emphasis on nature study.

    “Pocketful of Pinecones is essentially about the life of a mother who industriously cares for her family. Carol is on her feet a lot. She has worries, hopes, joys and disappointments. She learns to trust the Lord in all circumstances. And she is very wise to take part in what I call Mother Culture. To take part in Mother Culture is to take a little time to keep growing.” Karen Andreola.

    If you would like to get yourself and children into the habit of nature study be sure to remember my nature study book reviews!


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