Childrens Living Book Reviews

Some of the best childrens living book reviews to enjoy as part of your homeschool curriculum.

Below you will find extensive theme based book reviews of some well known, and some not so well known, good books to read with your children. We have read so many more good books but these are the ones that we have loved the most. I will continue to add to the lists as we discover more favorites - so be sure to bookmark this page and return often!

Please make a stop at my article on why read to children and the benefits that all family members derive from spending time together reading.

Oh…would you like to know my definition of a “living book”? Simply put – A book that causes a relationship to develop between reader and author. A book with quality illustrations with a voice that’s says: “I was there, I saw that, felt that and lived that.”

Enjoy your trip into my childrens living book reviews.

childrens living book reviews For South African folk - It will be best to order through instead of through an international on line bookseller. Saves you shipping costs and is much quicker with delivery time. So if any of the following books grab your eye, or heart, return here and enjoy shopping!

Bible and Faith building books
On this page are our favorite Bibles and faith building book reviews which we have used with our children.

Children's historical literature
Looking for some exciting history books to feed your children’s imaginations with the exploits of men and woman of days gone by? Here are some great history book reviews to help.

Biographies for Children
Biographies give your children great food for thought, imaginative play ideas as well as heroes of the present and past to look up to. Be sure to see this selection - from Peter the Great to Lance Armstrong!

Favorite Chapter books
Enjoy reading chapter books aloud with your children. Here are our favorite chapter book reviews.

Picture Story books
Find excellent young children’s picture storybook reviews to inspire reading times with your little ones. Yes, picture story books can be living books too!

Science book reviews
Looking for some inspiration in the science department? Use my science book reviews to find fun and enjoyable books with science themes as well as experiment books for you and your child to attempt.

Horse story book reviews
Got a child that loves horses? Use these horse story book reviews to help them find some new favorites.

Nature Study book reviews
Let these nature study book reviews inspire you to head for the great outdoors. Use these childrens living book reviews to get away from the day to day things and head for big wide open spaces.

Music Appreciation book reviews
Music appreciation for children is among the greatest thought and life giving aspects that we can give our children in the homeschooling environment. It is a simple and enjoyable goal to achieve.

Art Appreciation book reviews
My art appreciation book reviews will help you to find resources for a natural and wonderful way to learn about art and artists alongside your child.

Poetry book reviews
Spend some time looking through our poetry book reviews to discover some old favorites and some new poems to read to your children.

Top of Childrens Living Book Reviews

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