Essay writer

The essay writer is the most important part of the equation. They’re what drive any essay writing website. It doesn’t matter how many customer service representatives or editors you have, the writers are always king.

The only downside to this is if you have a team of essay writers who can’t write to a high enough standard the whole site is essentially worthless.

Our reviews search for the best essay writers. We want to find the professional essay writer who can give you the high-quality essay you deserve.

Just what makes a great writer, though?

Meeting the Brief

Professional essay writers work for you. They aren’t working for your professor. The only brief they have to contend with is the one you supply them with. The first test is to see if they can meet the brief. An essay writer who can’t obey simple instructions and meet the brief is wasting your time.

Error Free

Essay writers have to be capable of turning in a piece of work that doesn’t have any errors in it. We all miss the occasional comma, but the best essay writers have an editing team behind them who can eliminate these errors.

Working Quickly

Any essay writer working on a professional basis will likely have to work to extremely short deadlines. This can mean turning in an essay in as little as three hours. There are not many essay writers who can do this on a consistent basis.

We only give websites a positive review if its essay writers meet the deadlines. Our reviewers test both short and long deadlines to get accurate results.

Connecting with the Client

Most writers prefer to work anonymously. This doesn’t mean they can’t connect with the client. A good essay writer knows their limits and when they need help. If they’re struggling with the brief for whatever reason, they need to be able to inform the appropriate party that they need further information.

An essay writer who assumes the client wants something will only deliver work that doesn’t relate to what the buyer really wants. And that’s the greatest sin of all. If the client isn’t happy, the website isn’t doing its job.

If you want to find out more about what makes a writer truly great at what they do, browse through the website. We offer a range of reviews that judge various essay websites based on the quality of work their writers can produce.