Free Homeschool Printables

Homeschool moms always need a good source for free homeschool printables.

Here are some of my own charts and planners as well as some of my favorite links to other sites that have fantastic free homeschool printables. You will need Adobe Reader which you can download here

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meal planner template

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Free Homeschool Printables

Character qualities
Based on Charlotte Mason’s approach to attend to one habit at a time. These to us are the basic qualities that both you and your children need to own to proceed confidently in you homeschool journey.

Daily Timetable
Add your children’s scheduled work to one timetable so you can see who is doing what, when. And yes...even Charlotte Mason said this was necessary.

Monthly planner
Here is a month by month planner for you to stick up to add optional extras like birthday parties and play dates.

A Living Education
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Annual planner
A blank annual planner for you to plot out your year and breaks.

End of year report
Each year take all your children’s loose work like their artwork and certificates and bind it together with a report so that you have a portfolio for each year.

Reading List
I keep a running list of each book that my children read. This is managed by my older children on their own. I write up and keep track of all the chapter books I read aloud to my children too.

Video lists
Use this video list template to note what educational videos you have used along with your studies.

Curriculum checklist
If you source your own curriculum from a few suppliers, this form will be useful.

Extra Curricula activities
This needs planning too as having too many extra mural activities can drain a homeschooling family from the lifestyle they desire.

Meal plan
This link will take you to my menu planning pages where you can print off a meal plan template.

A simple budgeting system to help you stay on top of your daily expenses.

Printable Chore Charts
This takes you to my chore pages where you can find chore templates as well as detailed chore lists.

Child’s coloring pages
A great source of original hand drawn horse colouring in pages.

Notebook covers
Here are notebook covers for your children’s basic subjects. Please be patient for this to download - it doesn't take to long, but a little longer than the one page printables.

Handwriting pages
Basic ruled (link above) and early print ruled page to use for handwriting practice.

A-B-C pages
These ABC pages are for you and your little one to make a collage from a magazine relating to each individual letter. Please be patient while it downloads. It’s a great activity for you to do while you are busy with older children - you can cut and stick with a little one at the same time.

1-2-3 pages
To help little ones to correctly identify their 1 – 2 – 3’s, you can use these sheets and get them to either draw or stick any item in the correct quantity. You can allow them to stick popcorn kernels in the shape of the number too!

Be sure to visit my Free Homeschool Curriculum and the free homeschool worksheets pages for other free printables and e-Books.

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