High School Home Schooling

So, those high school home schooling years are looming! How do you feel? Some parents who have been homeschooling for many years become fearful as the highschool years approach.

This can happen for a number of reasons:
  • The child is lonely and is looking for interaction with other homeschooled teens.

  • The mother doubts her ability to be able to teach high school maths, physics and languages.

  • The child is rebellious and undisciplined in their studies

  • Grandparents begin to place doubts in the parents minds that high school is a time for specialist education that only schools offer.

  • The child would like to graduate from high school with a recognized school leaving certificate.

  • The child wants to be able to be accepted into college or university and there are doubts as to whether a homeschool education will qualify.

  • The parents believe that they are unable to give their high school child a well rounded education at home.
  • highschool homeschool It is here that parents of high school home schooling students begin to ravel as there are not many who have walked the path before them until recently. In the United States of America it is estimated that between 225 000 and 350 000 homeschooled children will be seeking college admission over the next decade.
    There have been many high school home schooled teens who have received admission already in countries all over the world, including South Africa.
    As the USA have been the leaders in homeschooling worldwide we in other countries can only look at this figure and get excited for what will happen in our own countries. These statistics also tell me that each country will need to reconsider admission to college and university for homeschooled highschoolers.

    But letís get back to the parents, in particular the mom, who needs to homeschool their high school student. Do you remember in the beginning when you were a new parent or when you were researching homeschooling? It is no different now when you are beginning a new era with your child. Research is imperative to helping you and your teen prepare for their lifeís purpose.

    We are just entering this phase of our homeschooling career so what you will find on this page websites, books and curriculum that you can read and research so that you can find your way through your high school home schooling journey, just as we are doing.

    One very important point I believe that parents overlook is that we tend to act on the outlook from our own experiences. This means that for a parent who has been raised to believe that a University education is the only way to an acceptable job and income, they will probably push for their child to attend varsity or college. It is important to prayerfully consider your emerging young adults heart motivation, giftings, interests and strengths and not force them into a mould that you find acceptable due to your own circumstances.

    There are many informal ways that your child can eventually earn an income and how wonderful it will be if - because of a caring parent seeking Godís will for their child, over their own prejudices - the child work within the gifting and passion that they have.

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