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You are about to learn all about successful planning as a homeschooling mom!

homeschool planner How did I learn these things? Because I have lived the homeschooling lifestyle for more than 13 years. I admit - I love planning and this habit has paid off in my own life and those of my family.

A homeschooling mom’s day is not all about teaching children their ABC’s and 123’s. She has to be a chief cook and bottle washer, the medic for bumps and bruises, the domestic help who cleans, the trainer of her children, encourager of her husband, occasional gardener...the list goes on.

Where do you find yourself right now on a scale of 1 – 10 with regards to your home and schooling organization?

Do you have any sort of vision of where you want to be 2, 5 or even 10 years down the line?
Have you thought about the highschool year?
What about your day to day living – how are your children progressing in their learning disciplines?
What are you doing to shape and mould their Godly characters?

And your housekeeping? Does your family work together as a team, do your children do their chores – in fact – do you do your chores?
Are you able to eat healthy wholesome meals each day?
Can you fit in a little time each day for yourself?

Would you believe that planning is the first step to help you move forward in each of these areas? Whether you are a textbook homeschooler or unschooler or follow any pattern in between, planning will set you free to live more victoriously.

But how do you start planning?

The answer is here in the form of the Ultimate Homeschooling Mom’s Planner. This e-book offers you over 130 templates to use to plan your homeschooling mom’s lifestyle.

What you’ll get from this e-book:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual planners

  • Family vision planner

  • Family fitness ideas

  • Personal Goals

  • Homemaking help

  • Cooking and meal planning

  • Housekeeping including cleaning tips

  • Children’s Chore Charts

  • School planning – from preschool to highschool

And more!

I love the Ultimate Planner. There are so many planning pages in this e-book, some I didn't even think of. I'm a pretty organized and planned out person but sometimes it is nice to have someone else do the planning and I just fill in the blanks. For me it is worth the price just for the e-book bonus chore charts. I have searched everywhere for something like this and have even tried making my own but it wasn't quite right. Wendy's chore charts have helped me put our family chores in order and teach my kids key points about chore time. Debbie Madson, USA

You can begin planning in just one area with this planner, starting where you feel there is the greatest need. As you get that one habit underway, you can add the next planning sheet! This is the beauty of planning – it is moldable in your hands to suit your family.

This e-book gives you templates which you print off and adapt for your family’s specific needs as and when you need it. But more than this, on most pages you will find inspirational poems, quotes and scriptures to inspire you to never grow weary in doing good for your family and in your home.

Throughout the e-book you also have Tips for Success which come from my many years of parenting and homeschooling. The tips are to encourage you but also to give you practical planning advice so that you are mentored through the planning process.

A homeschooling mom cannot afford to let things happen as and when they may, we need to be diligent about strategizing for our families, seeking the Lord for His will in our lives and living this out before Him.

I am not a natural planner so I found this e-book really good.  All the ground work is done for me and I can just customize the plans for my life and homeschool!  Thanks for doing the thinking for me!  I also enjoyed the encouraging articles written from your own experience as a homeschool mom.  Thanks again!  Alison, Cape Town

Download this e-book and within minutes you will be able to begin planning and strategizing for your family and your future. Please note you need Adobe Reader to be able to download and use this e-book.


You will also receive a free bonus when you buy the Ultimate Homeschooling Mom’s Planner chore program A 36 page booklet entitled “How do I do my chores” which is a parental mentoring system to help your and your children to do your chores correctly.

These detailed lists will direct you and your children on how to maintain a clean and orderly living and working environment as you build relationship with your children.

homeschool planner Be sure that this will be the one investment you will be thankful for in your homeschooling journey - see this planner as your friend to help you through your homeschooling journey.

Just $12.95 for this one time life long purchase!

Once you have made your payment, there is a further bonus whereby you are invited to take part in a 4 stage planning E-course to go along with your planner... FOR FREE!

South African Homeschoolers - you can buy the e-book on CD for just R80! To order, use the Contact Me form on my website.

homeschool planner

PS If you have a website or monthly newsletter that you send out to homeschoolers, you can earn a commission by selling my planner...
Read more here!

I absolutely love the planner. The planner, combined with the free printables on your website was well worth the investment!! I am not a very good planner, nor am I patient enough to sit and create such beautiful templates. I have wanted to get some control over the lack of organization in our home, not just with homeschool but everything from devotions time to chore time to meals, etc. Our home has been total chaos for the last year, and my goal this summer was to spend it getting us back on track and into a structured schedule that works! I am very excited about using your advice, tips and forms!





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