Homeschooling Book Reviews

These homeschooling book reviews will help you to find vision and purpose (an a whole lot more) for your homeschool journey.

In our very busy days of teaching phonics & maths, making meals, doing laundry, changing nappies and all the other tasks that we have to attend to, we often neglect the vital area of keeping ourselves fresh in our homeschool vision and person.

The best way that I have found is to read. I find myself being stretched and challenged sometimes by a book and other times comforted and encouraged. On this page you will find extensive book reviews. Each has helped me build my vision for my family and homeschooling journey.

Most of them are available from - the links below take you to - and all of them are worthwhile reading so that you can begin to formulate your homeschooling philosophy and curriculum. I do appreciate you supporting my site by buying through these links, thanks!

I hope you will also find direction from these authors for your children. If you would like more ideas on how to take a little time out for yourself, please visit this page where I have put together some of my favourite “mom’s education” ideas.

“If we would do our best for our children, grow we must. On our growth depends not only our future happiness, but our future usefulness.” Karen Andreola, Charlotte Mason Companion

For a quick guide you can take a look at books that I recommend over and over to new and veteran homeschoolers at my favourite books!

Educating the Wholehearted Child, Clay and Sally Clarkson
This was the first book that I ever read about homeschooling. I have returned to it many many times in my 11 years of parenting and homeschooling. The Clarksons have a wealth of information to share because they are veterans in the homeschooling movement.

They gently lead your through the reasons one should homeschool, what it costs a family, determing the different types of curricula, and then launching into how to create your own homeschooling vision using real life, living books and discipleship. Of all the books you could ever buy on homeschooling, this is THE one!

Beside the voices of the Clarkson’s themselves, you have margins down the side of al pages full of quotes and scriptures to help you formulate your own vision and dreams for your children and home.

“You may ask how we know we are cooperating with God’s design when homeschooling, per se, is never mentioned in Scripture. It’s because home education is not our primary goal at home – home discipleship is, and home education is simply a natural extension of home discipleship. If we are discipling our children to be useful in God’s service, part of that processes is preparing them intellectually.”

Other books by the Clarksons are reviewed on the books for Christian Parenting Page.

Successful Homeschooling Family Handbook, Raymond and Dorothy Moore
The Moores have been involved with educating children and parents for 60 years. Their best seller book “Better Late than Early” sets out their philosophy on delaying academics until the child’s senses are integrated - between 8 and 12 yrs old.

This book helps a parent to free themselves of old paradigms associated with public school thinking and move forward in a family adventure of learning. They have case studies throughout the book which encourage and direct you as you walk the homeschool journey.

“If a pressured child ever turns out to be well balanced and happy, he is the exception that proves the rule.” (SHFH)

Homegrown Kids, Raymond and Dorothy Moore
Another fantastic resource aimed at moms with younger children. Dorothy Moore shares from her own experience of motherhood as to how to allow your children “to grow naturally close by your side.” She also covers some gentle mentoring ideas in this book to help and guide you in your role as mom and nurturer of young children.

I cannot review all their books on my homeschooling book review page so other titles by the Moores are:

  • Better Late than Early
  • Homespun Schools

  • Minding Your Own Business

  • School Can Wait

  • Homestyle Teaching

  • Homemade Health
  • Homebuilt Discipline

  • Homeschool Burnout

  • Books Children Love, Elizabeth Wilson
    Here you have an extensive list of books (over 300 pages) of book reviews for children. I have found a lot of them to be out of print and not available in our country but for folks in the USA or UK, you will probably have more luck. Nevertheless it is a fantastic resource for any homeschool to have.

    Teaching Montessorri in the home-
    The Preschool Years, Elizabeth Hainstock

    I am not a fan of Maria Montessori’s teaching, but this book has some wonderful ideas for teaching your preschoolers and has great patterns for manipulatives for teaching the beginnings of maths and language skills.

    Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit,
    Terri Maxwell

    Terri, a mother of 8 children, gently guides and helps homeschooling moms to strive for a place of meekness in their homes and schooling. A book of encouragement for all.
    While you can get it from you can also support their ministry by buying it directly from

    If you do not know her already - let my following two homeschooling book reviews introduce you to one of my favourite educationalists - Ruth Beehick!
    The Three R’s by Ruth Beechick
    This little book I would describe as indispensable in the homeschool where you have preschoolers of any age and children up to Grade 3.
    You can also buy the three booklets that make up "The Three R's" seperately.Titles are:

  • A Strong Start in Language,

  • An Easy Start in Arithmetic,

  • A Home Start in Reading.

  • You Can Teach Your Child Successfully, Ruth Beechick.
    Where the above books leave of, this one picks up. Ruth carefully shows you how to fulfill the scope and sequence requirements for each grade 4 – 8.

    She gives lists of spelling rules and maths facts as well. It is a definite must for families who are trying to put there own program together. She also relies quite heavily on the whole book approach.

    “For some children and for some of the time certain books will happen to be just right. But if you find yourself struggling to mold your child to a book, try reversing the priorities. It’s the child you are teaching, not the book. Bend the book, or find another, make the studies fit the child.” Ruth Beechick

    Please note: Sonlight users - you can get these Ruth Beechick books from Sonlight too when you next order!

    The following two books reviewed on my homeschooling book reviews, are written by a husband and wife who have such an amazing way of making YOU feel appreciated and valued as you gentle lead your children on this homeschooling adventure

    Spiritual Power of a Mother, Michael Farris.
    Michael Farris is first a dad to 10 children, then a lawyer, then a author and finally the president of the HSDLA in the States.

    In this beautiful book you will not find him wagging his finger at you telling you to do more, nor will he cause fear to rise in your heart because you are “missing the big picture”.

    He chats to you as a woman busy with one of the most important jobs in the world – raising and homeschooling children. The chapters are based on his reply to letters that he receives in his capacity with HSDLA from moms throughout the USA.

    “The point of parenthood, like the point of homeschooling, is to bring your children to maturity. Your parenthood will be judged by our finish not by your beginning.” Michael Farris

    A Mom Just Like You, Vickie Farris.
    Wife to Michael Farris and mom to 10 children, Vickie takes you on a journey through her homeschooling career. She spends a few chapters explaining their choice to have as many children as God gave them but never insists that you have to follow likewise. Beyond that topic she encourages moms to love their children and walk day by day in obedience to the calling of homeschooling.

    “I doubt that the ancient Hebrew mother, who taught her children as she baked bread, swept the house, and beat out the rugs had any notion that her people would still be living 2000 years later. Neither is it easy for us, as we teach our kids phonics and feed them peanut butter sandwiches to see just what God can do through our faithfulness. I firmly believe that through us God can touch future generations is mighty ways.” Vickie Farris

    A Living Education - a Handbook for South Africa Homeschoolers, by Wendy Young
    A Living Education was written to help answer the many questions of new homeschooling parents. It covers topics such as :

  • Why we homeschool,

  • The impact on our home,

  • The impact on our relationships,

  • Our priorities,

  • What about me?,

  • The big socialisation question,

  • Head, hand, heart,

  • Preschoolers,

  • Home Educating different grades,

  • Extra mural activities,

  • Home Education support groups,

  • Informal curricula choices,

  • High school...what now?

  • Taking children out of school,

  • When doubts come,

  • Our homeschool dad,

  • Planning and Scheduling,

  • My favourite books,

  • Types of home education curricula,

  • Home Education Associations,

  • Support on the internet.
  • This 120 page book takes you in a godly, very pleasant, honest and encouraging way through the whole process of considering, preparing and implementing home education. Both good and bad times are openly discussed and advice is given how to improve if one has to. This book will not only inform you about what home education really is, but also to always have it at hand when doubt or uncertainty assails you. It is written in a way one can absolutely identify with and just that makes you feel at ease and confident again, that what you are doing is right and what the Lord expects you to do.
    122 pages. To order contact Wendy

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