Homeschooling Toddlers

Homeschooling toddlers in our home means to give them lots of time to play and enjoy their young lives. They need to have some productive activities as well as time to be trained in character issues

homeschooling toddlers First time moms often wonder what they can do for their babies and toddlers in their own homes when all their friends are sending their little ones off to play school I remember those days when I felt like all I had done was make a huge amount of food and clean nappies and wondered at the end of it what I had actually achieved.

Here are some links to websites, articles and products that are great for moms to do with their babies and toddlers, which will make sure that you end your day knowing that it was not all about cooking and nappies.

Chores for preschoolers
As you go through your day train your little ones to work wiht you. Teach then with grace and love to diligently do their chores.

Read to your young children
Never underestimate how much learning can be done just through reading together. Here is a list with our favourite toddler story books.

Look ahead to preschool at home
Some of the preschool homeschooling programs can be used as sources of ideas for you to entertain, play and read to your children. I have reviewed some of the best curriculum for you.

Toddler Activities at home
Wonder how we managed to homeschool with our toddlers. Many moms complain that their toddlers can cause havoc in their schooling hours...while you will never totally stop the interruptions by these busy little can graciously train them and make time for their needs.

Babies in the homeschool?
Well then, this article is a must for you. These precious gifts have their very special place in our homes and hearts. Here's how you can enjoy them as you homeschool your older set.

Looking for craft ideas?
Sometimes we need a fresh insurgence of ideas for toddlers. These art and craft resources will give you many options to choose from.

Toddler Activities At Home is my new site which I add to weekly. This aims to become a large resource centre for moms, homeschooling or not, to see to all the needs of her toddler.

Shirley’s Preschool Activities
Shirley is a veteran homeschooling mom of 5 children 8 years old and down. She shares many of her “better late that early” ideas for homeschooling toddlers, as well as giving you some great preschool activities for seasonal and holiday themes as well as gross and fine motor activities. She has an Ezine called The Whole Child which brings you weekly activities to do with your preschooler.

Gentle Preschool Activities
A selection of preschool activities that we have used in our own home.


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