Nature Study Book Reviews

Let these nature study book reviews inspire you to head for the great outdoors.

Nature study is a time for you to get away from the day to day things and head for big wide open spaces. Get into the habit of taking a weekly nature walk, if not more, with your children. From a young age this can become and inspiration for them as they hunt for bugs, collect sticks and rocks and enjoy being out in God's creation.

Alfie Weather, Shirley Hughes

Alfie is a young boy living in England. Yet he always has some way for getting out with his family to appreciate the country around him. And when he can’s be out in person, he goes on an adventure trip in his imagination. This book has to be one of Shirley Hughes best offerings. The Big Alfie out of Doors Storybook is also a big hit in our home.

Berenstein Bears Big Book of Science and Nature

A gorgeous large format book in typical Berenstein Bear tradition with a rhyming story line. Covers seasons, animal classification and science. You cannot miss this one. It also has a section called "Science Fair" which inspires young engineers with how a lever work, wheels, water power etc!

The Listening Walk, Paul Showers

“I like to go for walks. I go for walks with my father and our dog”. But while this young girl walks with her father, they do not talk. She describes for the reader all the sounds she hears on the way. Without fail it causes my young children to run outside for a listening walk!

Beatrix Potter Treasury

The are many versions of Beatrix Potter's books and theyare reaily available in the library, but if you have small children, its a good idea to own your own copy. We all know about naughty Peter Rabbit and careless Jeremy Fisher. But there are a host of other stories to look out for. Her beautiful water colour pictures are inspiring to the naturalist in all of us.

The Gardener Sarah Stewart & David Small

Lidia Grace Finch is growing up during the American Depression in the 1930’s. She lives with her mom, dad and granny in the country. She is sent to live with her Uncle in the city. She leaves with a suitcase and a small packet of seeds she collects from her Granny’s garden. She becomes totally homesick but her seeds help her to create a wonderful surprise for everyone. A sweet and poignant tale.

Linnea in Monet’s Garden by Christina Bjork and Lena Anderson

A gorgeous hardcover book overlaying illustrations onto Monet’s works. A story about a young girl who visits France and Monet’s beautiful garden. Here she learns about his life and family – we even get to see photographs of them and his quaint home. This story inspired our 7 year old so much that she spend many days copying his water lily painting.

This next nature study book review is not a story book but a practical way to bring nature to you when you can't get out!

Cooking for Birds Diane Ward

“Fun recipes to entice birds to your garden.” Whilst the pictures are enough to inspire a bird garden, the recipes are just as delicious for birds! Diane Ward shows you how to create all sorts of treats for all types of birds from owls to general garden birds. We have tried many and they work well.

The following nature study book review is for children around 7 years of age.

Nama Kwa’s Garden, Mary Callahan
A beautiful story about the indigenous people of the early South Africa and their desire to bless their village chief with a garden situated in a desolate plain. This story highlights working together as a team for the common good.

Need a homeschool nature curriculum?

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I hope that these nature study book reviews have inspired you to pack a bag and head for a beautiful spot to enjoy God's creation.

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Nature Study Book Reviews

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