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The organized she a myth or an achievable reality?

There are relatively few of us that are truly born organized and even if we were, along come husband and kids and everything we have ever been able to do is changed with the addition of new tasks and responsibilities as wife and mother.

Life throws many curve balls at a mom; even more at a homeschool mom like us. The organized mom is able to withstand these curveballs as she has covered the bases that she can cover so that when the curve ball comes she is not knocked off her feet. organized mom

What is an organized mom?

Many folk look at me and exclaim that I must be one of the most organized mom’s - I am not. But I learnt a long time ago that for there to be peace in my home I need routines. I also needed anchors to hold it all together taking into account my needs, my husband’s needs, my children’s needs, our homeschooling journey and my work from home business.

I know how you feel!

I am a real mom, with 4 young children; learning activities take a large chunk of time daily and my husband enjoys a certain standard of organization in our home.

I am not writing from an ivory tower perspective - I am right alongside you - as we juggle our balls together. So you know that these tips will work as they are tried and tested in a homeschooling home just like yours! I have also pulled resources together that have helped me.

The pages below are ways that I have found to be an organized mom and keep our home ticking over even in the midst of homeschooling, kids sports and activities, minor crisis and other curveballs.

Just a few things before you read further

  • You and your family deserve to be enjoying life and not being bogged down with working in your home all day playing catch up on cleaning and chores.
  • You and your family need to eat well and live in a peaceful environment where you will be healthy and “well fueled” to love, learn and play.
  • You need a certain amount of motivation and self discipline to be an organized mom, because as much as we would like it, the children will not learn their maths by osmosis and your kitchen will not clean itself and the clutter in you home will not grow its own legs and walk out the door!


child chore program Be sure to check out my new E-book Tips for Successful Kids Chores - ideal for moms wanting to implement a chore system in their home! It also includes a fun and easy to use CHORE POCKET SYSTEM for under 10's.

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Where you will be headed first?

Food and menu planning
Here you will find tips, links and much of my own wisdom with regards to buying food, planning healthy meals and organizing your pantry.

House Cleaning Tips
I know, I know...but its got to get done! And whether we like it or not its one of those things that consume our time and never ends. So use my tips, links and ideas on how to do it well and quickly.

Laundry problems?
This deserves a mention on its own as most homeschooling families have to deal with LOTS of laundry from LOTS of little and big people.

These are my room by room organizational tips. Take a look!

Children's Chores
There is no greater character training tool for perseverance and job completion than this area with your children. It is also one of those topics that most moms need help in. My system is simple and rewarding.

Your homeschool
No matter where you fall in the homeschool spectrum from unschooling to formal you need to have certain systems in place… learn from these tips and veteran experience.

Your future
Where are you going with YOUR life? Homeschooling moms can get lost under the day to day teaching and homemaking. Find out how you can continue to grow as a woman.

Mom's Home Safety
This site, written by an Emergency Medical Technician - Intermediate (mother of three and grandmother of two) gives loads of tips and information on how to practice Home Safety, and also how to perform First Aid if things go wrong (as they sometimes do), with some hair-raising anecdotes along the way.

For extra help and some ideas that really can sign up for a series of organizational tips to help you take some steps to becomming a more organized mom! Sign up below.

7 organizational tips for Moms
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