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Getting Started

Homeschool philosophies and methods
Determine your child’s learning style
Pros and Cons of Homeschooling
Charlotte Mason Book Reviews
Homeschooling Book Reviews
E-book Homeschool Resources
Homeschool Planning Essentials FREE E-course
Ultimate Homeschooling Mom’s Planner
Creating a homeschool timetable
Your daily schedule
Homeschooling Boys

Early Learning

Do you have a little one under the age of seven? Here I have listed all the preschool resources on my site for you.

Gentle Preschool Activities
Homeschooling Toddlers
Homeschooling with Babies
Toddlers Activities
Preschool Homeschooling Curriculum
Picture Storybook Reviews
Chore Charts for Preschoolers
Sonlight Pre K and Kindergarten
ABC Fun & 123
Art and Craft Ideas
Little Footprints
Before Five in a Row
Hands on Homeschooling
Weaver Interlock Program

Best Homeschooling Resources

I have reviewed for you the best homeschooling programs for a parent who wants more than “just school” for their homeschool.

Ultimate Homeschooling Mom’s Planner
Literature Based Curriculum
Sonlight Curriculum – the education you wished you had!
South African Homeschool Curriculum
Homeschool Science Programs
Five in a Row
Unit Study Reviews
Homeschool Math Programs
Phonics and Grammar Programs
Homeschool Art Programs
Children’s Literature
Parenting Books for Boys
Free Homeschool Curriculum
Free Homeschool Printable
Highschool Homeschooling
Other Literature Based Curriculum

Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason was a 18th century educator whose gentle and rich approach to education has stood the test of time.

Charlotte Mason Book Reviews
Best Charlotte Mason Quotes
Education as a science of relations
Education as an atmosphere
Language Arts the Charlotte Mason Way
How to “do” music appreciation
Music Appreciation Book Reviews
Nature Study Our Way
Nature Study Book Reviews
Our Nature Study Album
Art Appreciation
Art Appreciation Book Reviews
Poetry and Tea
Poetry Book Reviews
Children’s Living Book Reviews
Time for Mother
Raising Magnanimous Children
Is your homeschool grace based?

Sonlight Curriculum

Sonlight Curriculum is one of the best literature based curriculum available internationally. Truly it is the education that you wished you had!

What is Sonlight all about?
Sonlight Preschool
Sonlight Hands on Activities
Renaissance Hands On Activities
American History Hands On Activities

Excellent Children’s Literature

Great reading books, books to inspire and some just for fun!

Bibles and faith building book reviews
Biographies for children
History Book Reviews
Science Book Reviews
Art Appreciation Book Reviews
Music Appreciation Book Reviews
Poetry Book Reviews
Nature Study Book Reviews
Chapter Book Reviews
Horse Story Book Reviews
Nature Study Book Reviews
Picture Storybook Reviews

Teaching Life Skills

Being together at home offers a wonderful opportunity to fulfill the Biblical mandate to train our children.

Tips for successful kids chores
Lifeskills Book Reviews
Free Chore Charts
Free Chore Posters
How to do specific chores
Chores for a young child
Chores for preschoolers
Chores for school aged children
Chores for teens
Make your own chore chart
When children won’t do their chores


After your child has basic lifeskills consider growing a young entrepreneur!

Paid Chore Systems!

South African Resources

South African homeschooler? Look at these homegrown South African programs.

South African Homeschooling Curriculum
Little Footprints
South African Heritage Program
Highschool Homeschool Curriculum

Highschool Homeschooling

Highschool Homeschooling
Highschool Homeschooling Books
Highschool Homeschooling Curriculum
Highschool Homeschooling Websites
Homeschool Science Programs
South African Highschool Homeschool Curriculum

Free printables for parents and kids

Free Chore Charts
Homeschool Printables
Horse coloring in pictures
Horse Quizzes
Horse Jokes
Free Unit Studies

Articles to Encourage

Articles to encourage homeschooling moms
FREE monthly E-zine
ABC’s for homeschooling moms
How to avoid a bad homeschool day
Longing for a grace based homeschool?
Homeschooling Boys
Homeschool Super Mom!
Proverbs 31 Woman
Support groups – pros and cons
Without vision you will perish
Promises for a New Year
Why should you read aloud to your children?
Wonderful boys!
Do you fit the mould?

Woman’s Topics

Titus 2:3 -5 encourages older woman to teach younger woman. The specific areas are to love God, husband and children and to be busy in our homes, so that we do not malign the word of God.

What is the Titus 2 Mandate?
Love your husband
Romantic Ideas for Married Couples
Books for Married Couples
Love your children
Christian Parenting Book Reviews
Christian Womanhood
Being Content
Caring for your body
Tips to take care of yourself
Caring for your spirit
Caring for your mind
Christian Books
Caring for your home
Work at home mom

Get Organized

As the home becomes the center for all of your family’s activities for almost the whole day, 7 days a week, the need to be organized increases. These pages will help you to keep all your balls in the air!

The organized mom
Ultimate Homeschooling Mom’s Planner
Homeschool Planning Essentials
Organize your home
House Cleaning Tips
Organize your homeschool
Creating a homeschool timetable
Your daily schedule
Organize your art cupboard
Organize your children’s rooms
Organize your bathrooms
Organize your laundry
Laundry Tips
Meal Planning
Tips for grocery shopping
Organize your kitchen
Organize your living areas
Organize your outdoor areas
Organize your office area

A day in the life of a homeschool mom

Submit your day
Linda's Day with younger children
Linda's day with older children
Shirley's day
Jo's day
Tarryn's ecnouragement
Aubin's Homeschool Day

About Me

Where did our homeschooling journey start? How did this website come about? Want to know a little bit more about me?

About me!
Earning an income while homeschooling
Homeschooling mom’s can earn an income – yes you too!
My realised dream
My blog
Our Nature Study Album
My favourite books


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