South African Homeschooling Curriculum
Footprints On Our Land

south african flag Below you will find an in depth look at one South African Homeschooling Curriculum. Should you want a list of other homeschooling curriculum providers in South Africa, please contact me and specify that you would like me to email you the contact details of other curriculum providers in South Africa.

As homeschooling grows in South Africa, there is an increasing need for homegrown South African homeschooling curriculum to meet the particular needs of the South African homeschoolers.

The Footprints Vision was to put together South African homeschooling curriculum that would make our children proud to be South African, that would make them understand and appreciate the good in our country as well as its problems, and that would give them a desire to play a part in building a bright future for our nation.

"Search in your past for what is good and beautiful. Build your future from there." (Paul Kruger)

Designed to Simplify Your Life

Footprints on Our Land is a series of South African Homeschooling Programs that are:

  • Designed two moms (myself and a friend): Unlike many other curriculum suppliers, the authors of Footprints are two homeschooling mothers who know the ins and outs of the life of a homeschooling family.
  • We understand your needs: We have four and six children respectively, ranging from teens to tiny tots and we understand the many responsibilities and pressures that a homeschooling mom faces as a wife, mother, home manager, teacher, taxi-driver, life-coach, friend and all the other ‘hats’ we woman must wear in our multi-faceted lives.
  • That is why our south African homeschooling curriculum are designed to simplify your life, build your confidence and minimize the stress associated with educating your children at home… and we don’t just sell you the books and then leave you to get on with the programme.
  • We support you. We are right here to walk you through your Footprints journey. Offering after-sales support, ideas, new resources and encouragement via the Footprints eloop where you can also meet other Footprints families and be a part of the online Footprints community.
  • Since the launch of the Footprints programmes three years ago in 2003, we have served over 400 families and our reputation as the only supplier of UNIQUELY South African resources is growing. Already they have expatriate South African families in over 10 countries abroad using our products.
It may seem most odd to be living in the UK doing a SA History programme but I really do believe that God wants us to embrace our culture and our heritage as a reflection of who He is, and this enables us to do this so well. So, thank you! Happy mom in the UK

The Benefits of a Footprints Package

"I am so thrilled to see my son excited about BOOKS" Colleen, Eastern Cape

  • Children love stories: Their clients tell us over and over again how much their children love the stories in our programmes and that they don’t want to stop reading them. Unlike text books which have snippets of factual information that children usually find dry and boring, our stories are exciting and educational at the same time. What a winning combination!
  • Instead of reading facts about people like Jan van Riebeeck, Shaka Zulu or Nelson Mandela your children read about the lives of these pertinent men through the eyes of characters who lived with them in our historical fiction, through biographies and with supplementary information supplied via the reference books included in the packages.
  • Footprints keeps moms sane and fosters the building of GOOD SIBLING RELATIONSHIPS through multi-level learning. Children of various ages can do the same lessons, making a mother’s life simpler and easier and keeping the family together.
  • Footprints saves you time, money and a lot of frustration. As all the preparation, planning and sourcing of relevant books is done for you - you have everything you need when you need it.
  • Footprints saves you SHIPPING TIME. No more waiting for months for your package to be shipped from abroad. Footprints is local but they do ship overseas too at a special discount rate from FedEx.
  • You can PAY IN RANDS, not dollars and they offer different payment options to suit your pocket. Use the contact form below for details.
  • AFTER SALES SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT is on hand via our Footprints eloop or personal email.

footprints on our land

"It is by far and away my older boy's favourite "to do" and we have access to art courses, science work, etc and yet they always choose the SA books. (I confess, both my husband and I are right up there with them - we have recently cut down dramatically on TV and use that time in the evening, when the littlies are finally in bed, to read aloud. It is truly a family thing!)" Kerry, UK

To see more about these South African homeschooling curriculum for the correct ages and grades please visit the following pages:

Little Footprints – South Africa in Stories Ages 4 – 8
Footprints on Our Land – South Africa’s Heritage Ages 7 – 12
Footprints into the 21st Century Ages 12 – 16


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